Thursday, April 23, 2015

June 23, 2015
I would like to thank the guys at 

Thank you for the privilege to contribute to the latest podcast and their support for FIRE ON THE WATER.


Here is the latest version of Fire On The Water pdf.  I have made some revisions and have posted it.
If you have any photos, videos or information that would assist in making this project as complete and accurate as possible, please let me know.  Thank you and enjoy!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015

Update: I am still working on updating the 1971 Electrical Water Pageant.  It has slowed a bit as I focused on getting out the Fire On The Water pdf.  I have posted a new video showing the water effect.  I will be updating the pdf as well.

Big shout out to Disney Chris at for the tweet about this project. If you are a Disney music fan check out the site.

I restored my website and will be posting a web version of the Fire On
The Water there.

If you have any information, video, pictures or music it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fire On The Water A Visual History Of The Walt Disney World's Electrical Water Pageant is here!
for your enjoyment.

Since the EWP has a long history of changes, please feel free to contact me with any information, pictures or any other materials. I want this to be as accurate as possible and your constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

This is a fan created project and is not affiliated with the Walt Disney company.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Update March 2015:

Currently working on a new version with corrections to floats, animation, musical score and reflected water effect.

1971 Electrical Water Pageant.

Sea Serpent (three floats)
Whale (one float)
Two Sea Lions (one float)
Clamshell (one float)
Three Mermaids (one float)
Three Jumping Dolphins (three floats)
Octopus (one float)
Three Flying Fish (one float)
Four Seahorses (one float)
King Neptune with Mermaid on lap (one float)
Stars & Stripes (all floats)
(Show was followed by a fireworks display from barges.)

This is an ongoing project and will be updated as new information is revealed.

I have produced a pdf booklet: Fire On The Water A Visual History Of The Walt Disney Electrical Water Pageant 1971 to the Present

Special thanks to the guys at for their shout out this months podcast. They produce an excellent show if you are interested in early Walt Disney World history check them out.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Current Project: I am in the process of creating a re-construction of the 1971 Walt Disney Electrical Water Pageant.

History: In 1975 I had the privilege to see the EWP for the first time from the shores of Fort Wilderness Resort. Sitting on the sandy shore at night, hearing the music and seeing the lights moving lights reflected on the water was magical. I have been to WDW many times in the past years, I try not to miss the EWP. Even though it has seen many changes, musically and design wise. the concept has not. People either think it is great or boring. To me it is a simply beautiful and effective form of entertainment. 

Process: I began this projects with collecting as much information I could get. I researched internet sites, blogs, wiki and started to collect images, video and basically all I could get my hands on. Working backwards from todays EWP. Since new video is readily available, the floats were easily made. Going back in time, I began to notice that it was harder to find images or even filmed footage. At the opening celebration of Walt Disney World (1971), The first time the EWP was shown. Thankfully Disney partially filmed it. This started the thoughts of putting together an accurate re-construction of the 1971 EWP.

Tools: I am using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to do the majority of the work.
I use a float template I created and position the lights as accurately as I can. In some cases, I will fill in areas where some lights are out or missing in source materials. I try to keep it free of straight lines and keep the designs accurate. I mirror the image so that I can include a light reflection. Once completed, I import the images as footage into After Effects and begin the animation and adding of water effects and some glow filters. Each float is then rendered and placed into a final EWP video.  I am sure there are quicker ways, but this allows me to change designs fast.

Test Video:
I have completed two test videos and posted them on youtube. The videos were to see if I could gain information about the history of the EWP and hopefully make it as accurate as I could. I have been contacted by a few, very supportive individuals that have pointed me to images, video and other resources to help me work out the inaccuracies in my initial test. A big kudos for those who took time to encourage and provide constructive criticism.
Here is the second video posted in HD

Video Errors Visually:
Sea Serpent did not have animated fire in 1971
The gold fish float did not exists, it was the three mermaid float.
King Neptune and the sea horses have a different design (more cartoony)
All floats flashed on one by one and the floats did not travel while the show was on.

Musical Errors:
Music was from the 1973 EWP Picture disc, the music is accurate to a point, The Baroque Hoedown was used, but it was far more repetitive. There was also a sound effect that was played when the floats flashed on. 
The EWP ended with a tribute to America, followed by a reprise with the floats appearing again.
EWP ended with a firework display, as for how long this continued from 1971 I am unsure, In 1975 there were no fireworks from the EWP

Future Plans:
1. Correcting the errors, I have a very realistic water effect I have made and want to add 2. Posting new video and perhaps creating a visual historical timeline of design changes.
3. A fantasy EWP with Ideas from myself and friends.

I hope you enjoy! I look forward from hearing from you. If you have any information, images or video regarding the EWP in the years it has been shown, it would be greatly appreciated.


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